Our Story

Botanity, a botanical derma cosmetic brand, represents dedication to innovative plant-based skincare. At the heart of Botanity's values is the enhancement of your unique natural beauty through the union of dermatological science and the essence of nature.

Unleashing Nature's Potential

Since Botanity's inception, we've proudly embraced an unwaveringly independent
approach to product research and development. Our team of adept scientists has
painstakingly amalgamated three decades of research, spanning 24 countries
worldwide, culminating in the creation of our exclusive 'PhytoLogix® Library.'
This library stands as the nucleus of Botanity's unique innovation, embodying
our steadfast commitment to achieving excellence in beauty.

The World's Largest Natural Product Database : PhytoLogix® Library

The PhytoLogix® Library is the world's premier ethnomedicinal plant database, housing invaluable insights into over 15,000 documented medicinal plants and 600 marine plants sourced from 24 countries. Our proprietary ingredients, including UniflavonTM, and PurinolTM is founded based on this library and these exceptional elements serve as the foundation for addressing a wide array of skin concerns. This ensures the creation of the best possible skin conditions for our valued customers.

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Unparalleled Ingredients, Uncompromised Quality

Botanity epitomizes our commitment to pure, effective ingredients. The unique
plant-based ingredients discovered and verified through the PhytoLogix® Library are developed into optimal formulas that maximize the efficacy of raw materials and materialize in Botanity. Each product is designed to actively address consumers' skin concerns within a simplified skincare routine.

K-Beauty Innovation from Seoul

Emerging from the vibrant city of Seoul, Botanity produces skincare products that represent the pinnacle of industry excellence, using proprietary patented ingredients.

Our inspiration stems from a deep understanding of various skin concerns and a commitment to resolving them through rigorous scientific research. This fusion of profound insights and advanced technology has resulted in a skincare range that is revolutionary in its effectiveness and embodies our brand's story of transformative care.

Ethical and Sustainable Beauty

Botanity is dedicated to embracing the full potential of nature, and sustainability stands at the core of our values. We champion clean beauty through our eco-friendly packaging and cruelty-free formulations, ensuring a legacy of natural beauty for the future.

Key Active Ingredient Index

Uniflavon ®

Restoration of Skin’s Health by Repairing its Compromised Barrier

Vitamin B5

Moisturizing ingredient that helps improve skin hydration and soothe irritation.


Calm irritated skin and improve hydration.

Lemon balm extract

Calm irritated skin and reduce redness.

Licorice Root Extract

Licorice, sourced from Glycyrrhiza glabra root, boasts centuries of use in traditional medicine and skincare for its skin-friendly benefits.

Aloe vera leaf extract

Soothing and anti-inflammatory properties

Makiol Complex

Trouble Care, Sebum Care and Pore Management

PHA / Poly Hydroxy Acids

Daily exfoliation and sebum care

LHA/beta-lipohydroxy acid

Help for sensitive skin to achieve a smoother complexion

Salicyclic Acid

Sebum care and the ability to exfoliate skin and penetrate into pores


Beneficial for managing excess sebum production and addressing related skin concerns.

Papaya extract

Exfoliating properties

Hyaluronic Acid

Capture and maintain hydration in the skin

Argan Oil

Provides deep hydration and essential nourishment for the skin


Regulates osmosis, shields skin from stress, and boosts cell health in one go


Lock in moisture, forming a protective layer to keep skin hydrated, soft, and supple

Shea Butter

Deeply moisturizes, soothes inflammation, and enhances skin with its rich blend of fatty acids and vitamins


Hydration, moisturization, and prevention of water loss in human skin

Ceramide NP

Boost skin's barrier, prevent drying, and protect from pollutants for smoother skin

Hinoki Cypress extract

Help to control excess oil production and reduce acne.

Tea Tree leaf extract

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antixoidant properties


Antioxidant, shields skin from environmental harm by preserving and boosting collagen

Vitamin C Derivative

Provide antioxidant protection against environmental damage

Dimethicone Crosspolymer

Non-comedogenic skin barrier properties